The Short Screenplay. Read over 200 short script pitches in 33 genres

The Short Script. Why write one? There are many reasons to. If you’re just starting out, it’s the best way to master the art of storytelling in the screenplay format. If you can’t tell a story in 10 pages, then perhaps you shouldn’t try to write a full length feature script. Also, if you want to get your script made into a movie, this is easily the best way to make that happen because there are 1000s of young filmmakers out there looking for solid short film scripts to make to jump-start their own careers.

Stephanie Joalland wrote a great article on the 7 Rules of Writing a Short Script:

WILDsound has over 200 short screenplay loglines to read. Great for any producer or filmmaker looking for a solid story to turn into a film. Read them here:

Example of a Short Screenplay…

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