VIDEO PITCH for SHADOWMEN (feature script) by Julie Merrick

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Video Pitch: SHADOWMEN:

Get to know writer Julie Merrick

1. What is your screenplay about?  

Logline: While struggling with the unbelievable notion that his dreams affect reality, a man begins having daytime visions of creature-like men, asking for his help.

Aaron Gray whole heartedly attempts to believe that he is recovering from a mental breakdown. He separates himself from the family he cherishes and loves because he is afraid that his dreams will once again destroy his life and the lives around him. Despite Aaron’s commitment to his therapy, deep down, he can’t shake the notion that his dreams happen in reality. Eventually a brilliant, but eccentric doctor specializing in parasomnia discovers that Aaron’s brainwaves create holograms that in fact permeate this realm. The SHADOWMEN are creature-like men that have the same ability – they attempt to communicate with Aaron, asking for his help. A villain, The CHAIRMAN…

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