Today’s Short Screenplay Pitches and Loglines

WILDsound Festival

Read today’s short script story pitches. Scripts that will be made into a short film very soon.

Go to the Logline page and submit your story (any type, any genre) today:

Holiday Special – Submit your own short script to the festival and get it performed. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries:


Title: Protest Seen

Written by: Donald Bingle

Genre: Drama

    * * *

Title: Afterlife Estates

Written by: Laina Burgess

Genre: Comedy

    * * *

Title: Power Cell

Written by: Ben Davies

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

    * * *

Title: Suffering

Written by: Shunequika Gilmore

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery

    * * *

Title: Roadkill Junkyard

Written by: Eve Hands

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

    * * *

Title: Medusa Melrose: Drag Queen Hypnotistm

Written by: Dexter Williams

Genre: Comedy


Written by: Matt Allcock

Genre: Horror

    * * *


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