I Am That Seed, Poetry by Steve Higgins

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Life, Society, Family

I Am That Seed
by Steve Higgins

Time sleeps in the distant desert,
and sitting softly under the yellow sun,
dried and dehydrated,
there is a seed that waits for the rains.
– I am that seed.
I wait for the rains with open hands
And when they wash over me time wakes refreshed
And I’ll drink all I need
-I am that seed.
The seed that longs to know
The secrets of this distant desert
And when my bones lie here
And mingle with the sand
The secrets of the desert -and my own- will be one
-I am that seed
that aches for knowledge
and hungers with desire.
Listen now and understand
And know me now for who I really am
-I am that seed

* * * * *
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