Jerry Nield – July 2016 1st Scene Screenplay Winner

WILDsound Festival

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Watch Table Reading of the July 2016 Winning First Scene Screenplay.

CATCH! by Jerry Nield

Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: Could David really defeat Goliath?


ACTON – Dan Cristofori
OLD MAN – David Occhipinti
JIM – Michael Gaty
TOM – Mark Boutros
ELLEN – Judy Thrush

Get to know the winning writer: 

1. What is your screenplay about?

Amusingly indulging in the sports and pastimes of England in the Victorian age, the American Wild West and the show business flavour of the era. This is the true story of how an impoverished 10 year old Irish cross-eyed boy escapes the coal mines, saves what’s left of his family and delivers retribution by taking on history’s most brutal and deadly wrestler to become the Heavyweight Catch Wrestling Champion of the World!

2. Why should this screenplay be made…

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