Highlights from the Thursday August 18 2016 FEEDBACK Film Festival event.

WILDsound Festival


Every film showcased on the night was about characters dealing with their inner fears.

Here’s the summary of each film:

– FOOTPRINTS: Hunter searches for his family.

– DRAWN TO FEAR: A rare book has a life of its own.

– KADDISH!: Trouble at a motorway service area.

– PREFERENTIAL OPERATION: Four men kidnap a bank manager.

– DON’T LET THEM IN: An author is consumed by the urban legend of the Black Eyed Kids.

– A FILM BY VERA VAUGHN: A film within a film within a film.

– DO NOT DISTURB: A man takes a detour on his way home from the office.

It’s a new beginning to the FEEDBACK Film Festival at the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto, Canada. Great things are coming in the 2016 season as we will be showcasing a festival now twice…

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