Director BIO: Till Gmuer (ABOUT PATIENCE)

Director Biography – Till Gmuer

8943a8b25b headshot

1983 – 1986
Self-taught learning and experimenting with Super-8 film.

1987 – 1992
Teacher education in Lucerne

1994 – 2001
The hobby becomes a profession by a professional Videoproducer

2001 – 2002
Marketing and image communication by an agency

2002 – 2004
Preparation course at the School of Design, Bern and eidg. Diploma Examination Multimedia Coordinator.

Since 2002
independent video producer

Director Statement


It’s about believing in yourself. You have to stay true to your goals and ideas.
It is about assertiveness, one’s own will, it is about self-realization, about the development of one’s own strengths and unequal prerequisites. And also to promote the acceptance of partial performance weaknesses against the background of today’s school situation.

The topic is global and timeless.

I want to see children laughing!


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