Short Film: COUPLE, 24min., Israel, Drama/Family

Early morning, dry and hot. This morning Dubi and Noa(32) manage to grab a few moments of intimacy, before the day starts. But soon it changes to a debate about who will take Mia(3) to kindergarten. It’s Dubi’s turn, and that’s that. But instead, Dubi drives to the field. There he discovers a huge water blast. When he finishes fixing the problem, all wet, he realizes Mia remained asleep in the closed, heated vehicle. Dubi runs to the car and finds her deeply asleep. After a long minute, he manages to wake her up.
When they meet in the clinic, Noa realizes by herself what happen. Dubi admits, embarrassed, cannot believe it happened to him. Noa finds a local police officer and try to press charges against Dubi. Dubi tries to stop her, but she doesn’t listen.
It’s a quiet, depressing ride home. Dubi drops them off at home and disappears. The morning after, Mia, again, wonders out alone in the fields with the dog. Dubi comes home, all filthy and neglected from the night outside. He gets out of the car and go look for Mia, she’s probably outside somewhere. But when he sees her.. he just can’t go to her, or go home.. he returns to the car, and let the heat and sweat wash him. Until Noa suddenly comes and takes him home.

Director – Einav Namer-Yelin


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