Do you know what love is?, Poetry by Marcelo Moraes Caetano

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Love, Rhyme

Do you know what love is?


Marcelo Moraes Caetano

Our love, our reason
to exist: a heart without prison.

When we love, we are crimson
creatures in the shadows; weak bones.

we are masters and disciples,
walking without vehicles;

we stopped without care,
we love, even if we are not beloved; we dare.

we go from wave to wave, their sound,
following: the earth is round;

Do we know what to do?
For a moment, nothing but living soon.

We are fugitive wishes
hideout. Clean dishes.

Love is giving the other side
because only one never reborn; it glides.

Love is having your fingers in paradise
and the feet blind, without notice, in lies.

Nobody knows what love is,
nobody knows, only if we love. Only he sees.

Love makes us supreme; though,
even giants, we still grow …

    * * * * *

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