For Creativity, Poetry Tofunmi Kupoluyi

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Mentor, Relationship

For Creativity
Tofunmi Kupoluyi
See, I believe it’s only natural that I dedicate this to an individual who saw me through
An unthinkable miracle, this thing between me and you
Who knew that there could be a channel like Audiri to help share my views
All that’s new, even this story of how we grew?
And developed,
 I was once made to believe you only belonged to a select few
The gifted, the creatives, and sadly TK, that’s not you
So I approached you and said:
Hey my name is Tofunmi, and I’d love to write some poetry
I’m talentless but please believe that doing so will mean the world to me
And I have tried to honestly,
But the rhymes and I just don’t agree
And my apparent lack of harmony,
Has destroyed my chances to a great
See I decreed on New Years’ eve…

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