CARS 3 – What the critics are saying about it!

cars 366% of critics give it a positive rating.

Critics Consensus: Cars 3 has an unexpectedly poignant story to go with its dazzling animation, suggesting Pixar’s most middle-of-the-road franchise may have a surprising amount of tread left.




The final chapter of the trilogy has saved the best for last and will at least deflect the most serious concerns of those who think this series has taken too many extra laps.

June 16, 2017 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

Onscreen and in the audience, youth will be served.

June 16, 2017 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

It’s a reasonably diverting, somewhat sluggish attempt to reinstall the “heart” of the first installment.

June 16, 2017 | Rating: B- | Full Review…

It’s all well and good for the under-12s, but this movie never packs the kind of emotional punch we know Pixar is capable of.

June 16, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

We get a lot of repetitive racetrack scenes – only a demolition derby stands out for the inventiveness of its animation – and a familiar message about believing in yourself.

June 16, 2017 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

“Cars 3” hums along the track, and while its heart and humor could use minor tune-ups, it does enough visually to earn a checkered flag and keep this franchise from the scrapheap – for now, at least.

June 16, 2017 | Rating: B- | Full Review…



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