Director BIO: Diana Losen (PRIEST TO PRIEST)

Director Biography – Diana Losen


Diana Losen graduated with her MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University in June 2016. Immediately after graduating, Diana acted in A Red Orchid’s production of Sick by Seven and was named a 2016 Academy Awards Nicholls Fellowship semifinalist for her screenplay The Brief & Brilliant Reign of Billy Tread. She went on to produce the world premiere of the play Taught by Mercedes Lake at the American Theater of Actors in New York City. Priest to Priest is her first short film.

Director Statement

I write and direct coming-of-age screenplays and teleplays navigated by protagonists who wield humor like a weapon as they fight to survive, find purpose, and grow up. I craft worlds that mirror our own but also veer off into the fantastical, using supernatural situations to provide escape and metaphor. My stories emphasize the value of the unconventional families we create for ourselves and explore the darker side of young love with romances of the forbidden or doomed variety. I’m interested in examining The Big Things such as meaning and our human obsession with it, the kaleidoscope of identity, and what sets us free. I write stories that capture the strangeness of adolescence, the melancholy of childhood, and the irony of adulthood.


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