BEST FILM: The Legend of Rasputin



BEST MUSIC: High Calorie

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterHIGH CALORIE, 17min., Turkey, Family/Drama

festival posterSWEETER, 13min., USA, Family/Drama

festival posterPRIEST TO PRIEST, 9min., USA, Family/Drama

festival posterTHE LEGEND OF RASPUTIN, 13min., Canada, Family/Animation

festival posterJOYA MIA, 5min., USA, Family/Drama

festival posterSWEET YOYO, 18min., Canada, Family/Drama

The theme of the July 2018 FAMILY FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto was “Heath is Wealth”. Every single film was about how being healthy is the beginning and the end for any life.

There was a terrorist threat called in to the Toronto Police department the day of this festival event. Someone said that “For sure a bomb will be going off near the CN Tower.” So that story caught fire and there was basically a police office stationed at every corner of the city at night.

Selfishly, I was worried about our attendance. People did email the festival during the day that they will not attend, plus one of our volunteers declind to come as well. Nevertheless we still had a solid attendance filled with a great crowd.

My point to the Festival Directors Mary Cox & Kierston Drier was that because this “threat” was now in the consciousness of the city, there will 100% not be a threat because the element of surprise isn’t there. So onwards we went to another successful night. And of course no bomb went off. The police officers earned some much deserved overtime, while many businesses like bars, restaurants, and cinemas simply had a bad financial night.

What a great lineup of Family Films we showcased. Truly proud of this festival night. Can’t wait to showcase more family films.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

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