Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of the Family Short Film: “TOY BOY”

Deadline for Family Film and Writing Festival

TOY BOY played at the January 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival. The audience LOVED this documentary family story about a man who still plays with toys.


TOY BOY, 8min, Canada, Documentary/Family
Directed by March Mercanti

A 30-year-old lives at home with his parents, their two cats … and 5,000 toys.

Follow the Toy Boy (Jeff Tyler Smith) on twitter: @KDavJeff

Director’s Statement:

I started following Jeff on twitter for over a year and I was always so interested in some of his posts. Whether it was pictures of purchases of the enormous splurges on toys or his brash way of stating his point, there was never a dull moment in the social media sphere for Jeff.

The idea for the project came about when I joined a film competition out of Ottawa where the subject category had to be on any type of fan. Since following Jeff on twitter I figured he was the king of fandom. I met up with him one night to discuss the potential of helping me find a subject since he was so ingrained within fan culture. After several beers and deep conversation Jeff insisted that he would be my perfect subject. He was right.


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