Director BIO: Jamie Shannon (THE LEGEND OF RASPUTIN)

Director Biography – Jamie Shannon

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Jamie Shannon is a well known Pupeteer and Showrunner who has created over 500 hours of Broadcast Childrens television.

Inspired by the legendary Jim Henson, Jamie created his own troupe of puppets whilst attending film school, the quirky characters known as ‘the Grogs’ soon found a home on Canadian cable channel YTV. Performing daily as live on-air hosts for the network for 3 years, culminating with a 24 hour channel takeover.

THE GROG’S, success led Jamie to create the long running preschool series NANALAN, based on his Nana’s backyard. Nanalan aired on Nick Jr, PBS, CBC and was sold into 30 countries around the world. The series garnering three nominations and winning 2 Gemini awards (Best Writing and Best Performance in a Preschool Series).

After Nanalan Jamie created the equally successful cult teen puppet series MR MEATY for Nickelodeon. Once again he puppeteered and voiced multiple characters as well as writing and directing for the series. In addition to MR MEATY, Jamie worked for numerous networks; creating the characters of Ooh & Aah for the Disney series OOH, AAH & ME. Directing the pilot and overseeing the first series of BIG AND SMALL for the BBC. Directing and creating characters for the entire second season of GIVER, a documentary style show for TVO, and creating and also providing the voices for several characters YTV’s animated series WEIRD YEARS.

An experienced director and master puppeteer Jamie has brought to life unique characters for countless projects. Including music videos for the likes of SIA and KID ROCK. Short films such the 2013 Sundance short film, WAKENING; the Spike Jonze produced HIGGLETY PIGGLETY POP; and for Heather Henson’s Ibex Films THE LEGEND OF RASPUTIN. Live action series such as R.L. Stines GOOSEBUMPS, The Comedy Channel’s HOT BOX and the Sinking Ship’s ODD SQUAD on PBS and CBBC. As well as hundreds of commercials and print campaigns.


Director BIO: Mark Cira (SWEET YOYA)

Director – Mark Cira

Mark cira

Mark Cira was born in Toronto, Canada. He is a writer and director, known for Sweet Yoyo(2017), Armie (2018) and Petting Scorpions (2017). As part of the award-winning collective The Young Astronauts, a company known for their international films, commercials and music videos, his work continues to be recognized around the world.

Director BIO: Mehmet Tığlı (HIGH CALORIE)

Director Biography – Mehmet Tığlı

Mehmet tigli

Mehmet Tığlı was born in İstanbul in 1970. He graduated from Marmara University in 1991. He is screenwriter and short-film director. He completed cinema courses at İFSAK in 1992. He won best screenplay awards of Orhon Murat Arıburnu National Art Awards in 1992 and 1993. He was assigned as a jury member at many short-film festivals. He is Culture and Art Editor of BrandMap Business Magazine. Mehmet Tığlı is also Marketing and Communication lecturer in the Department of Business at the Marmara University where he has been a faculty member since 1993. His first short film ‘Twin Stars-İkiz Yıldızlar’ was shot in June, 2016. ‘Twin Stars’ was selected officially to fiftysix international festivals and won twenty two awards until May 2017. His last film High Calorie-Yüksek Kalori was shot in May, 2017.

Director BIO: Emily Eaglin (SWEETER)

Director Biography – Emily Eaglin


Emily Eaglin is a film major and art history minor at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County. In addition to being an actor and filmmaker, she is passionate about activism regarding race relations, gender equality, LGBT+ rights, and access to education. In her spare time she babysits and organizes with Baltimore frontline activists, both inspired her to write the short Sweeter.

Director BIO: Ella Warner (JOYA MIA)

Director Biography – Ella Warner

Img 1981

I am a 12 year old student film maker, I go to Millikan Middle school and I am in the Cinematic Arts Academy. This film is special to me because my grandmother is suffering from slight memory loss, and I got to take her reality and make it into an art for many people to see. I also have been taking piano for eight years and I enjoy composing to my own short films.


Director Statement


I believe we have film to send out a powerful message to people. I make films to send the message. I want people to finish my film with emotion, and a thought that can help the world. I am an animal advocate, and went to a school with inclusion called CHIME, where special needs kids work in the same classroom.

Director BIO: Alexyn Scheller

Played at the September 2017 Film Festival

Co-Creator of Chalk, Alex specialized in Directing, Editing, Building Chalk’s website, and the special effects behind Chalk.  Alex has made movie’s before, but not of this scale.  He recently finished a documentary called “Banff Bacon” which documents a road trip across Western Canada.  Outside of making movies, Alex enjoys comedy, photography, travel, and being an overall nerd.  Alex just finished his MBA at VCU and resides in Richmond, VA.

Director BIO: Anthony Bennett (MY LITTLE BROTHER)

Played at the September 2017 Film Festival

Director Biography

Anthony bennett

Anthony Bennett combines an interest in electronic music composition and video editing to produce unusual and thought-provoking visual material.

Anthony is a qualified computer engineer, actor and film editor with influences ranging from David Lynch to Chris Cunningham.

His experimental music video “Blue Horizon” won two film awards and received six nominations at several international film festivals between 2005 and 2006.

Anthony’s latest film “My Little Brother” delivers an important message for today’s society through a combination of stop-animation elements, handheld close up footage and an exciting child narration.

(2000) Short Film – Easy Money (Director and Editor)
(2001) Mini Feature – Autopilot by Anthony Carpendale (Editor)
(2004) Music Video – Gameboy Freak (Director/Producer/Composer/Editor)
(2005) Music Video – Blue Horizon (Director/Producer/Composer/Editor)

Blue Horizon – Awards

Best Experimental Film – ECU International Film Festival 2006, Paris, France
Video Art Finalist Winner – CheapShot LA 2005, USA

Blue Horizon – Nominations

Best Editing – ECU International Film Festival 2006, Paris, France
Best Experimental Film – Golden Star Shorts 2005, Hollywood, USA
Best Experimental Film – Santa Cruz Film Festival 2005, USA
Best Experimental Film – Rome International Film Festival 2005, Georgia, USA

(2016) Short Film – My Little Brother (Director/Writer/Editor)

My Little Brother – Awards

Best Film Runner Up – Tropfest NZ 2017, New Zealand

Director Statement

“Our own personal experience of storytelling begins at childhood. It’s that magical discovery and refreshing innocence that we forget as we get older with all the stresses and strains of our everyday lives – this was the inspiration for My Little Brother ”