Family Festival Testimonial – June 17 2020

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The feedback was great, and the staged reading hit a lot of fine notes. INFERNO THE PHOENIX particularly.

Screenplay Reading: 

Scottish siblings, Erin and Owen Macdonald, are swallowed by The Loch Ness Monster and brought to the magical land of Mythatania where all creatures heard of in Myth and Folklore have gone to escape the outside world. There they meet THE MYTHFITZ, a group of mythical youngsters and embark on a wonderful adventure.


Owen: John Marcucci
Erin: Zena Driver
Inferno: Shawn Devlin
Narrator: Kat Smiley
Cassandra: Corinne Sutton-Smith
Salandra: Cassandra Guthrie
Unee: Sam Fazli

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Family Festival Testimonial – June 8 2020

 Screenwriter Neal Doran (CHANGES)

The idea of the table-read was really appealing – to hear how the script might (or might not) flow was a great opportunity. And the cast did a great job!

When the initial feedback came in I was obviously delighted and relieved that a story about a young boy’s London Underground journey home had connected in some way with someone (presumably) a little older and in a different country.

Watch the Screenplay Reading: 

Toby is a typical gamer kid approaching the woes of puberty. The after school routine with his bookish friend Nic is spent navigating the London tube line trying to figure the most efficient route to make the infamous 1609 train. However, when one of the popular kids start riding the tube with them they become increasingly involved with a group of girls from another school travelling the same way.


Various: Sean Ballantyne
Clare: Leanne Hoffman
Nik: Caleb Jaques
Chris: Ross Cummings
Narration: Carina Cojeen
Toby: Aaron Williams
Jen: Victoria Murdoch
Mandy/Smiley: Natalie Morgan

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Family Festival Testimonial – June 3 2020

Filmmaker David-Alexandre CHANEL (PASSAGE)

It’s always incredible to get feedback of the audience because there is several layers of things to get in the movie. Different people always catch different part of it. Lots of people think it’s just CG and green screens but it’s not ! Also on the story side, there is some details hidden, and part of it is also open to interpretation so it’s very nice to see what it people got out of it.

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Family Festival Testimonial – May 18 2020

 Filmmaker Roisin Kearney (THE FAMILY WAY)

I was delighted they could identify with the characters, Mother Daughter relationships are universal, and although set in Ireland it was great to see the audience could empathize with the situation and enjoy the comedy as well as the drama.

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FAMILY Festival Testimonial – May 13 2020

kiran b

Thank you for this wonderful festival and thank you once again for making our short film as a semi finalist.
-Kiran ( ISIS – In Some Indifferent Situations, short film)

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Family Films & Readings in 2019:
22 – Screenplays Performed
6 – Novels/Stories Performed
19 – Films Showcased at Festival

Family Festival Testimonial – March 19 2019

Thank you so much and I love the reading!!

A former Soviet spy is determined to conquer the many dimensions that exist in this world and it is up to a small band of unlikely heroes, including a young physicist and those close to her, to stop him.


Dr. Zelov – 6 – Ron Boyd
Slender Young Man – 8 – Rhys Harrison
NARRATION – Anne McMaster
Jane – 19 – Jen Daniels
Girl – 3 –Brittany Clough

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Family Festival Testimonial – March 4 2019

I signed up to FilmFreeway at the beginning of the year but have been pretty selective about entering film festivals. There aren’t too many that focus on family films which is a shame, so when I saw the Festival for Family I jumped at the opportunity. The feedback was tremendous. It prompted me to re write the ending to make it more satisfying and I’m so glad I did. My script sparkled after the changes.

  • Scott Williamson

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Genre: Family, Fantasy

A curious young girl is shocked to find a tormented soul trapped in her grandmother’s favourite painting, but she soon discovers there are even more sinister plans afoot.

Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Kate: Andrea Meister
Beryl: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Witch: Konstantina Mantelos
Caretaker: Anthony Botelho