FAMILY Film Festival – December 2016 Short Film Lineup

We are proud to announce the short film selections to the 3rd FAMILY FEEDBACK Film Festival on Thursday December 29, 2016.

Festival takes place at the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto. Festival event starts at 7pm sharp. 

FREE or pay what you like tickets and the full details of each film will go online by December 1st.

We couldn’t be more excited to be showing what we consider the best family short films in the last year. The festival will maintain its audience feedback format that has made it one of the most popular festival in the city of Toronto for the last 4 years.  We are proud to announce that Matthew Toffolo will be moderating this event.

Wednesday December 29, 2016 Short Films:

1st ACT

 WHAT’S WEARING MUMMY, 15min, UK, Family/Comedy
Directed by Oliver McMillan

What’s Wearing Mummy? tells the story of two little sisters, Sofia and Matti, who believe their mother has been taking over by aliens due to her suspicious behaviour, and will do anything in their power to get mummy back.

STUTTER, 13min., USA, Family/Drama
Directed by Ivo Huahua

A strong-willed widower with a heavy stutter is determined to win the respect of his son by speaking to the boy’s class on Career Day.

MAN’S BEST FRIEND, 7min., UK, Family/Animation
Directed by Rob Sprackling

10 year old Zach loves his football – and his football loves him back. They enjoy playing in the garden, going to the park and spending time together, just like a boy with a faithful dog. But when his ball gets lost, Zach must team up with his neglected Mum, to find his best friend. In doing so, Zach and his Mum re-find each other.

2nd ACT

BIRTH WEAVING LIFE, 6min., Japan, Animation/Documentary
Directed by Arisa Wakami

This is a documentary animation on the very beginning and the mystery of life, told from the point of view of a mother.

I AM DYSLEXIC, 6min. Norway, Animation/Music Video
Directed by Mads Johan Øgaard

The animated short film I AM DYSLEXIC expresses what it feels like to have a learning difference in our current school system. Those with learning differences should be proud of who they are and should never be made to feel alone.

GRANDMA: A TRUE STORY, 5min, UK, Animation/Family
Directed by Viviane Peo’h

A grandmother and a granddaughter love and understand each other truly, without the need for speaking. One day, the grandmother has a stroke and is transported urgently to hospital. There is no hope. As the night gets deeper a miracle is on the way.
A true and compassionate story.

PHANTOM CITY, 6min, Canada, Animation/Crime
Directed by Patrick Jenkins

A woman with a mysterious suitcase and a man in pursuit… just one of the tales in the Phantom City. A magic realist detective story.

THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT, 2min, USA, Animation/Comedy
Directed by Lara Arikan

It’s long past midnight when the tired and jumpy waitress decides to go and investigate the ominous noise she hears right outside the roadside coffee shop she’s working at.

CACOPHONY, 2min, USA, Animation/Drama
Directed by AiHsuan Shih

Through the eyes and ears of a young girl, the viewer can escape the harsh sounds of the urban environment and find solace in a serene inner world.

SISTERS, 4min, USA, Animation/Music Video
Directed by Taylor Shortall

A fragment of some lost, tragic opera. Trapped in the ruins of their former glory, a pair of performers bound together and abandoned by time rise up to sing once more. Conjured up by the song to which it’s set, the film represents a sincere vision of inspiration derived from the music of Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray).

AFRO CRAB, 4min, Taiwan, Animation/Comedy
Directed by Chen Liang Yu

A-SIE,the crab, was watching TV with his friend, the fish. Suddenly, Cook came and took the fish.To save his friend, A-SIE left his comfort zone and fight with Cook!